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Understanding the phase of decomposition: Report of an ICC contact meeting in France, November 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, the health crisis continues inexorably. As we have already affirmed, our organisation continues its intervention towards the proletariat and its most politicised minorities. Indeed, we must fight against the isolation and atomisation imposed on us by the bourgeoisie with lockdown measures and curfews. We therefore held an online meeting on 21 November 2020, following on from an earlier one that took place on 17 October. There were fourteen people present at the earlier meeting, who were very keen for the discussion to continue.

Assault on the Capitol in Washington: the USA at the heart of the world-wide decomposition of capitalism

“This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic”. This declaration followed the January 5 invasion of the Capitol by several hundred Donald Trump partisans, who had come to interrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. You might think that such a severe judgement of the political situation in the US might come from someone who is viscerally hostile to America, or from an American “leftist”. Not at all: this was from ex-president George W Bush, a member of the same party as Trump. This tells us a lot about the gravity of what happened in Washington that day. 

All pandemics of the past were the product of decadent societies and Covid-19 is no exception

St Louis USA, 1918: The 'Spanish Flu' was the first pandemic of decadent capitalism.

The link between the development of an infection on one hand, and the organisation and state of society on the other, doesn't only concern the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918-20. This article explores how the decadence of capitalism - like that of class societies preceding it - fosters plague and poses the necessity of a revolution in social relations.

The second wave in the Netherlands and Belgium: the failure of governments and states to control the pandemic

It is astonishing how countries with the most advanced technologies are unable to control and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Supporters of conspiracy theories say that there must be something behind this and indeed there is something behind it, but not a conspiracy. It's the decline of the capitalist method of production that's the cause and it is increasingly hindering not only the development of the forces of social production but also threatening the very survival of mankind.

The negligent and irrational response of the Modi regime

Bus station chaos during India's first lockdown

Despite India becoming a global "economic giant" , its response to the Covid crisis exposes a totally inadequate public health system. The health crisis has been further exacerbated by the irresponsible policies of the populist Modi regime. 

Communists and the question of anti-racism

We are publishing a letter from a sympathiser who took part in a recent online discussion meeting and raises some questions about our approach towards ant-racism and “identity politics”. Our response follows.

Second wave of the pandemic: the impotence of all states and governments!

The number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus has been rising sharply in recent weeks in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, which has once more become one of the epicentres of the pandemic. The “possibility of a second wave” announced several months ago by epidemiologists is now a reality and it is highly likely that it will be much more virulent than the previous one.

Conflict in Nagorno-Karaback: chaos and war follow war and chaos!

The fragile cease-fire coming from the "accords" between Armenia and Azerbaijan permits no illusions about a "peaceful settlement" of the conflict. It is the product of a situation which can only sanction a precarious "order" and a relation of forces imposed by both Russia and Turkey. It settles nothing. On the contrary it represents another stage in the exacerbation of military tensions and feeds the chaos in this imperialist fault-line which risks reigniting the flames of war later on.

The irruption of decomposition on the economic terrain: Report on the economic crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is seriously aggravating the world economic crisis which was already resurfacing after the anaemic post-2008 "recovery". The working class all over the world will feel the impact: unemployment, increased rates of exploitation, poverty and insecurity...This report, written for the recent congress of our section in France, analyses the manner in which a product of social decomposition is rebounding onto the economic sphere.  

US elections: The Democratic Delusion

Even in this final phase of its historic decline, even as the ruling class increasingly demonstrates its loss of control over its own system, capitalism can turn its own rottenness against its real enemy – against the working class and the danger that it could become conscious of its true interests. The record turn-out in these elections and the noisy protests and celebrations on both sides of the political divide represent a powerful reinforcement of the democratic delusion – of the false idea that changing a president or a government can halt capitalism’s slide into the abyss, that the vote enables “the people” to take charge of their destiny.

100 years after the foundation of the Communist International What lessons can we draw for future combats (part three)

Baku Congress, 1920: "support for colonial revolutions" really meant grave concessions to nationalism by the Comintern

While the founding Congress of the Communist International was a real step forward in the unification of the world proletariat, the evolution of the CI in the years that followed was marked essentially by regressions which disarmed the revolution in the face of the counter-revolutionary forces which were more and more gaining ground. The rampant opportunism within the ranks of the party was not eliminated as Lenin and the Bolsheviks envisaged. On the contrary, with the degeneration of the revolution, it ended up taking a preponderant place and hastened the end of the CI as a class party. This opportunist dynamic, already visible by the Second Congress, only deepened after that, both on the programmatic and organisational levels, as we will try to show in this article.


Homage to our comrade Kishan

When the world is facing the trial of the Covid-19 pandemic, we in the ICC have also been through the painful experience of the passing away of our comrade Kishan on 26th March, 2020. This is a great loss for the ICC and its section in India, and we will miss him greatly. Kishan made an important contribution to the life of the ICC and was a comrade with a great fighting spirit till his last breath.

Britain ruled by the waves

The two articles under this heading examine different aspects of the bourgeoisie’s growing lack of control over its own political and economic system. This tendency is world-wide, but among the most ‘developed’ countries it is exemplified by the increasingly evident incoherence of the Johnson government in the face of Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the accelerating economic crisis.

Johnson government: a policy of vandalism

The two articles under this heading examine different aspects of the bourgeoisie’s growing lack of control over its own political and economic system. This tendency is world-wide, but among the most ‘developed’ countries it is exemplified by the increasingly evident incoherence of the Johnson government in the face of Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the accelerating economic crisis.

Population lockdown: the bourgeois state shows its brutality

Given its lack of preparedness to deal with a global pandemic, the bourgeoisie has had little choice but to resort to the mediaeval policy of quarantining the population, which has paid a heavy price in terms of impoverishment and social atomisation.